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Georgia Clean Water Attorneys

The loss of natural vegetation due to development and the rise of populated areas have impacted Georgia’s natural water supplies. These supplies are now highly protected to ensure their stability. When any issue impacts a body of water, ground water supply or another hydrological element, there are laws that apply.

Whether you are developing property, involved in industrial work or are at all impacted by laws that govern water supplies, turn to our skilled attorneys at Lovett & Myers, LLC. With more than 40 years of experience and the ability to represent clients throughout Georgia, our firm is a trusted ally in water law matters.

Contact our firm today to discuss your water law matters and strategize with a member of our qualified environmental legal team.

Our attorneys confidently represent clients in a wide variety of water law-related matters, including:

  • Clean Water Act matters, including ensuring compliance with all state and federal regulations, and addressing violations
  • Safe Drinking Water Act issues
  • Waste treatment, disposal, storage and transportation to ensure water sources are not affected
  • Nuisance and trespass related to bodies of water and other water sources
  • Limiting the impact of property development activities on bodies of water and associated properties
  • Pollution, erosion and flooding concerns
  • Sewer and stormwater backups
  • Water quality concerns
  • Property damage
  • Water rights
If your business has received a citation for being in violation of the Clean Water Act or another regulatory compliance related to a hydrological element, you need to take action immediately to protect yourself and your business. Our firm is aggressive in its defense of violations, investigating the claims and determining how to move forward. Even if we are successful in having the violation dismissed, we can take the time to assess your business’s compliance to minimize any future violations.

We are serious about handling water law matters as efficiently and effectively as possible. Call our law office today, or fill out the form on the left to schedule a consultation with one of our environmental attorneys. Our firm represents clients throughout Georgia, including those in the Macon and Atlanta areas.