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Georgia Regulatory Compliance Attorneys

Businesses are held to a strict set of guidelines when it comes to the environment and their business’s impact on the surrounding area. City, state and federal governments have enacted numerous laws in order to protect the environment from business’s use, abuse and waste.

At Lovett & Myers, LLC, in Macon, Georgia, we have extensive experience helping business and corporate clients deal with numerous regulatory compliance issues. From water law violations to compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, our firm can help you.

Talk to us today during a consultation to learn more about environmental regulatory compliance and how your business may be affected.

Compliance With All Georgia And Federal Regulations

Our firm is fluent in the language of the state and federal laws that govern environmental law matters. The laws are written in a very dense legal language and it can be difficult to fully understand how to come in compliance. Our attorneys can sit down with you, understand your business, and explain all of the aspects of regulations and guidelines, as well as how they may impact your business.

We also have the skills to review and understand any municipal guidelines that may have been enacted in your area. Our attorneys take the time to investigate any specific regulations and ensure your business is in compliance.

Whether you are a startup business and need to begin your business in 100 percent compliance, or are an existing business that now needs to be brought into compliance, our firm is dedicated to helping on a one-time or ongoing basis whenever necessary.

Handling Regulation Violations Across Georgia

Though our office is in located Macon, we are able to handle cases for clients in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia. For more information on how our Macon-based law firm handles environmental regulatory compliance matters, contact us by filling out the form on the left or call our attorneys today.