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Georgia Stormwater And Sediment Attorneys


Stormwater runoff and flooding causes a great deal of property damage in Georgia. This problem affects residences, neighborhoods, businesses, and even cities and towns. Runoff and flooding are most present near construction and development activities. The attorneys at Lovett & Myers, LLC, represent all types of clients with their pollution, flooding and erosion concerns caused by stormwater runoff.


Stormwater picks up dirt, oil, grease and toxic chemicals as it flows from construction sites and roadways. If developers fail to install and maintain adequate erosion-control countermeasures, stormwater runoff can cause sediment pollution, erosion and flooding on adjacent property.

Lovett & Myers, LLC, has experience representing both sides of a stormwater or sedimentation claim. When representing developers, we can help them understand the impact runoff can have on the environment and the importance of ensuring proper prevention controls are in place. When representing a property owner, we provide cost-effective counsel to protect his or her rights.