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We Provide Clarity In Health Care Matters

At Lovett & Myers, LLC, we understand the specific business and legal issues faced by health care providers. We have a working knowledge of the complex body of health care law that includes state and federal regulations, licensing requirements and hospital law.

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Assisting Clients With Wide Range Of Health Care Law Matters

We assist with many health care matters involving medical and dental practice as well as clinic startups. Our health care attorneys can assist you with a variety of issues, including:

Compliance With Stark And Kickback Statutes — Our Georgia lawyers recognize the constantly changing scope of statutes regarding anti-kickback and stark. We continuously guide our clients on potential regulatory drawbacks regarding these health care statutes. We strive to ensure that our clients remain compliant with health care regulations and avoid penalties.
Arbitration, Mediation And Litigation Options — Lovett & Myers, LLC, provides experienced representation to our clients in court, mediation, arbitration and any other aspect of the litigation of their cases. We are here to help our clients through all stages of the litigation process. Clients also utilize our firm’s health care arbitration and mediation practice to avoid the high cost and unpredictable outcomes of going to trial. We understand that arbitration and mediation can be essential in some instances; however, our attorneys work diligently to ensure our clients are awarded the most beneficial result.
Counseling And Litigation For Certificate Of Need (CON) And Letter Of Non-Reviewability (LNR) — Compliance with such a heavily regulated industry is essential and often affects daily operations. Both organization and staff must comply with many changing licensing and certification requirements. We handle a variety of corporate transactions and applications involving the development of new and existing facilities, equipment and services.
Advice For Health Care Employment — Our attorneys have assisted our clients on issues, including, but not limited to, nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), noncompetes, trade secrets, defense against whistleblower claims, contract disputes and retaliation.
Regulatory Compliance Issues — We realize that the health care system can be complex, and we are here to guide you along the way. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in many facets of health care, including real estate, technology, compliance, security, local, state and federal regulatory laws and more.
Licensing And Certification Needs For Large And Small Organizations — Our attorneys understand the necessity of complying with state and federal regulations. We handle a variety of issues in this area, including:

Defense of restriction or revocation attempts on current licenses and certifications
Acquisition and securing of appropriate licenses and certifications

Mergers And Acquisitions — Our attorneys assist with all phases of health care transactions, including regulatory, business, reimbursement and risk allocation. We have the awareness and expertise of the health care industry that is imperative to achieving ideal results for our clients.
Reimbursement Issues — The attorneys of Lovett & Myers, LLC, understand the intricate workings of Medicare, Medicaid and other systems and strive to do their best to ensure that our clients’ best interests are met. We pride ourselves in constantly monitoring the changes that occur in state and federal statutes which can affect our clients’ businesses.
Managed Care — Lovett & Myers, LLC, provides counsel to our clients that are dealing with all types of reimbursement disputes. Our attorneys have critical knowledge of managed care strategies so that we can enable our clients to recognize their rights when negotiating with payers. Specialized managed care can be involved and complex — we are here to guide our clients through every step of the way by counseling them in structuring and executing these managed care agreements.
HIPAA And Privacy — The attorneys at Lovett & Myers, LLC, understand that as electronic data and filing become increasingly used by health care owners and operators, it is becoming more difficult for health care providers to ensure their patients’ personal information is kept private. We are here to counsel providers with effective and useful strategies to avoid sanctions, penalties and litigation that can be related to health care privacy.
Real Estate Representation For Owners And Operators — Our attorneys represent both owners and operators of multiple health care facilities, including nursing home facilities, medical office buildings, retirement homes, physician offices and other medical facilities. We have the knowledge and ability to provide important counsel to our clients to ensure that they take advantage of growth or expansion opportunities.
Agency And Regulatory Investigation — An investigation into your company can be a stressful and frustrating time. At Lovett & Myers, LLC, we apply a proactive strategy to counsel and educate our clients on any changes to local, state, federal or regulatory laws in their practice areas before an investigation occurs. However, we realize that sometimes an investigation is inevitable. Our knowledge and expertise are critical at this time of need, and we are here to counsel our clients on the best practices to overcome a government investigation.
Change Of Ownership Transactions — As ownership structures change and business priorities shift, Lovett & Myers, LLC, provides instrumental counsel and unique insight into these types of transactions. Our attorneys draft both simple and complex transactions specifically tailored to our client’s goals. We can advise health care providers and corporations, including but not limited to, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, retirement estates, urgent care facilities, physician offices and physician group practices.