Macon GA personal injury attornies
Lovett and Myers is a client-focused Macon law practice that helps families and individuals across the state of Georgia in personal injury matters.

We encourage our clients to turn their legal worries over to us, so they can focus on their lives and their work.

Our Macon injury attorneys help families and individuals across the entire state of Georgia and will travel to meet with potential injury clients for a free initial consultation at no cost to them.


Macon Lawyer Robert Lovett has practiced in Georgia state and federal courts, including the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. His focus is on litigation, particularly in the areas of personal injury, planning, zoning, land use, and environmental law.

Macon Attorney Matthew Myers has also practiced in the Georgia state and federal courts. His focus is on personal injury, business law, zoning, environmental and real property disputes.


The personal injury attorneys at Lovett and Myers, LLC have represented hundreds of clients in personal injury matters, ranging from soft tissue injuries to more serious surgical cases, as well as negligence cases resulting in death.

Although every case is different, we have recovered millions of dollars for accident victims and their families in a wide range of injury matters. We have the resources necessary to, for example, hire accident reconstructionists, hire investigators, ensure the preservation of evidence, prepare evidentiary and trial exhibits, pay for medical exhibits, medical records and medical bills, pay for medical experts, and front any other expenses that are necessary for the individual case at issue.


For our personal injury clients who have been seriously injured in a car wreck or trucking accident, this is often the first time they have had to get a lawyer.

Our clients are good people who at no fault of their own have been injured and are now faced with having to spend money on medical care because the insurance company for the at fault driver will not make it right on its own.

Our clients have lost pay checks from being out of work, have sustained very painful injuries, and have other damages that should be paid back by the insurance company that agreed to pay if the driver they insured accidentally hurts someone. Instead of working to make it right from the moment the car wreck or truck wreck occurs, the insurance company begins a delay tactic as it works at getting statements
from you, taking photographs in a way that helps them (not you), and obtaining other admissions from you that they have been trained to solicit through what can sometimes seem like harmless questions…but inevitably ends up being used against you in the case.

If you call our personal injury lawyers first before speaking to the insurance company, we will talk to the insurance company for you and help preserve your claims. There is no charge for the initial consultation. Even after we are hired, we do not get an attorney’s fee in a personal injury case if we do not recover money for you. We advance the expenses related to your case.