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Condemnation And Eminent Domain Attorneys In Georgia

Government entities have considerable experience with the eminent domain/condemnation process. Most private property owners do not. Georgia’s eminent domain law allows private property to be involuntarily taken with little advance notice.

At Lovett & Myers, LLC, our attorneys help level the playing field for clients. We have experience handling both direct takings by eminent domain as well as indirect takings (inverse condemnation) resulting from governmental regulation. We routinely deal with issues involving:

  • Precondemnation planning designed to maximize monetary recovery
  • Severance damages caused by the taking
  • Business damages caused by the taking
  • Access management
  • Local land use compliance
  • Relocation expenses
In addition to monetary compensation for the taking, we seek nonmonetary relief that provides tangible value to our clients. These benefits include roadway realignments, access concessions, wetland mitigation, land swaps and other creative solutions.