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Differences Between Nuisance And Trespass Issues

Nuisance and trespass, while similar, are not the same. Each involves interference with property:
  • Environmental nuisance is interference that affects someone’s use or enjoyment of his or her own property, resulting from another’s use of his or her own property. Nuisance is further divided into two distinct categories, public and private.
  • Trespass is the intentional, unlawful and physical invasion of someone else’s property.

Experienced Attorneys To Help Resolve Nuisance And Trespass On Your Property

Has someone interfered with your private property? Pollution or odors encroaching onto your land? Noisy neighbors? Is someone illegally dumping things like cars and trash and harmful substances that hurt the environment? Has soil erosion or dirt washed onto your land? When people interfere with your property, it disrupts your enjoyment and use of the land. When someone physically intrudes on your land, they’ve crossed boundaries illegally.

At the law firm of Lovett & Myers, LLC, our nuisance and trespass law lawyers have handled many nuisance and trespass cases, both in state and federal court. With decades of combined experience, our Georgia attorneys work diligently with clients to resolve issues arising from some interference with property. Our goal is to provide the high-quality work of a large firm in a more prompt and efficient manner.

Learn more about how we handle nuisance and trespass cases in real property and environmental matters by contacting our Macon office today.

What Can An Attorney Do For Me?

Our experienced property attorneys can assist clients with these types of issues:
  • Prepare and present legal strategies and documents.
  • Litigate cases in court.
  • Keep clients informed of changes to property laws.
  • Review and interpret titles and contracts.
  • Advise clients on property laws and compliance issues.

Soil Erosion/Sedimentation Cases Arise Frequently

Our nuisance and trespass law attorneys frequently handle cases involving soil or sediment from one property that makes its way onto someone else’s property. In some instances, environmental interference is due to a dam breach. In other situations, it is due to heavy rains washing dirt away from a new subdivision. No matter the particular cause behind the sedimentation trespass, our firm will work to resolve the matter with the utmost celerity and cost-sensitivity.

Many Types Of Environmental Disputes We Represent

Today, more and more claims of public nuisance are being brought regarding environmental disputes such as:
  • Dangerous structures
  • Failure of sedimentation control measures
  • Soil erosion and flooding
  • Foul odors
  • Illegal dumping
  • Junk vehicles
  • Noise violations
  • Obstructions to public right of way
  • Trash-covered premises
  • Underground storage tank issues
  • Water transportation, treatment and disposal