Suit On Guaranty: A Possible Defense

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A recent Georgia case has held that when a debtor testifies that he did not execute a Guaranty of a loan, even in light of considerable evidence to the contrary, the case must go to trial and the bank is not entitled to Summary Judgment. In Gause v. Fidelity Bank A15A0284 (Ga. App. July 8, Read More

What Does A Georgia Real Property Attorney Do?

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When most of us think of a Georgia real property attorney we may think of buying or selling a home, but what we provide goes beyond that. We will document and review every step of the process helping you get the best possible outcome. It all starts with a free consultation where we’ll look over Read More

What Should You Expect from Your Lawyer?

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It can be difficult to understand what you can and can’t expect from your Georgia attorney – most problems arise because of this. Here we’re going to talk about what you should and shouldn’t expect, the role that ethics play and how to get the best experience possible. Ethics Play a Large Role Georgia has Read More

Recent Interpretation of Georgia Gun Law

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In May of 2016, the Supreme Court partially reversed the dismissal of a petition for declaratory and injunctive relief as to the probation of weapons on the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s premises. The Supreme Court determined that the initial trial court erred in dismissing the plaintiffs’ petition on the basis that it erroneously asked the trial Read More

How to Choose the Right Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer for You

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No one wants to be hurt in an accident, but when you or someone you love needs help, it’s time to find a great Macon personal injury lawyer. Every case is unique and when you’ve been hurt you need the right kind of help on your side to win your case. Lovett and Myers knows Read More

What You Need to Know About Georgia Personal Injury Law

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Have you or someone you care about suffered a personal injury through no fault of their own? If so, you need to know what medical and legal options are available to you after a personal injury. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case you may be able to recover medical costs, lost income and other Read More

Uninsured Driving is an Unwise Choice

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What is uninsured driving? Do I need car insurance? It may seem like a simple question, but many people drive uninsured. In Georgia you are required to purchase automobile insurance. Auto insurance provides a safety net in case you or your family are involved an accident. Driving without auto liability insurance can spell bad news Read More

GA Personal Injury Law And Your Medical Bills After An Accident

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What To Do With Your Medical Bills After An Accident Under GA personal injury law, you may be entitled to the cost of your medical bills… but what does this mean? When you or someone you care about has been injured in an accident, you may not know what to do with your medical bills. Read More

What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage and Why Do I Need It?

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Uninsured Motorist (UM) insurance protects the insured against those driving with a lack of insurance. It places the injured party in the same position as if the offending driver had liability insurance. It can also help the insured if the other driver does have liability insurance but it is insufficient to cover the damages caused Read More

Understanding Workers’ Compensations and Georgia Personal Injury Law

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If you or someone you care about has been injured at work, there are four ways that you are protected under Georgia personal injury law, and we as Georgia personal injury lawyers can help. Let’s look over how you are protected and how it applies to you, so let’s get started. Note: It’s Important to Read More