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When most of us think of a Georgia real property attorney we may think of buying or selling a home, but what we provide goes beyond that. We will document and review every step of the process helping you get the best possible outcome. It all starts with a free consultation where we’ll look over your case and identify your situation and unique needs.
Helpful Advice

Sometimes you won’t need full litigation or negotiation assistance, sometimes you will only need some helpful advice. We can run a transaction review over all of your documents to help you identify any issues that can come up with the property. It always pays to have someone look over title issues and help you avoid any traps set by the opposition that tips the balance in their favor.
Buying and Selling Property

The majority of people buying and selling real estate will need the services of a real property attorney. You’ll need someone to conduct the Title Search so you know that the person selling the property is authorized to do so and that you’re buying it free and clear of any past debts. Working with us you’ll have someone that will help your experience go smoothly – and when things don’t go so smoothly you’ll have the help you need to litigate your case in court.
Rental and Leasing Agreements

If you’re considering a rental or leasing agreement, you’ll definitely need our services! A Georgia Real Property attorney like us will be able to help you draft an agreement that will be equitable for both sides. When dealing with property you have to know that your interests are protected – why gamble? We live in an overly litigious society and it’s important to protect your interests where it counts.
Other Services

Litigation, foreclosure, negotiating and document drafting are all things that a Georgia Real Property attorney can provide you with – but why work with just anyone? When you choose Lovett & Myers you get a firm dedicated to your needs. We’ll discover what you need, explain the process to you and help you have the smoothest journey possible. Property is your greatest investment, shouldn’t you enjoy the greatest degree of protection under the law?

Contact us today for your consultation; we’ll help you understand what your options are and help you get the positive outcome you need.

If you have a need for a real estate attorney in Macon or anywhere in Georgia, call the Macon Law Firm of Lovett and Myers. Matthew Myers Attorney at law & Bob Lovett Attorney at law are ready to help you with any law issues you face. Contact us today.

About Matthew Myers

Matthew is a Partner with Lovett & Myers, LLC in Macon Georgia. Lovett & Myers is a trial law firm specializing in Business, Zoning, Environmental, Real Property, and Personal Injury Litigation.